CPTED Ontario web-site gets much needed makeover

CPTED Ontario is pleased to announce the development of a new website that its members can be proud of.  The new site offers an exciting, dynamic, visually engaging and up-to-date site that reflects our Mission statement.  There is plenty of educational material for people looking for a source of reference material and knowledge including a new library section containing plenty of articles and case studies.  There are also many reasons to come back to the site including a News Post feature that is designed to keep you informed and up to date and provide a reason for coming back.

Other improvements include a stunning design that’s easy and fun to navigate with lots of “now that’s what I’m talking about visuals”.  And, as always, you have at your disposal a member’s only area with conference content and member information that now offers you superior access by way of a member managed password that you choose and manage.

So if you haven’t visited us in a while, there is no longer an excuse and remember, you can always tell us what you think at info@cptedontario.ca.