Wayne Nishihama

Wayne is a landscape architect and a member of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects. He is one of the Founding Directors of CPTED Ontario (2001) and remains as one of the directors, today.

Recently, Wayne has retired from the City of Mississauga after thirty-eight years in which he served as the Manager of Urban Design for the Planning and Building Department and the Chair of the Mississauga CPTED Advisory Committee.

During his time at Mississauga, Wayne took the initiative to implement CPTED into the planning process and made it part of the City’s Official and Strategic Plans. In 1996, he formed and chaired the Mississauga CPTED Advisory Committee, consisting of all City departments, Peel Police and Safe City Mississauga. The committee’s mandate is to create a sense of a safe community for the citizens of Mississauga by utilizing CPTED strategies and techniques. In addition, Wayne was also instrumental for training staff to implement CPTED concepts on a corporate basis throughout the City of Mississauga.

He created the Mississauga CPTED Principles document, which provides the City with principles and strategies to create a safer and more livable City. The document enhances the awareness of safety and provides a better understanding of urban well being among the citizens of Mississauga.

Along with Constable Tom McKay – Peel Regional Police, Wayne is involved in the CPTED training for the police and planning and design professionals. He has conducted a number of CPTED presentations and lectures, locally and internationally

In 1996, Wayne received a Civilian Citation from the Regional Municipality of Peel Police Services Board for his contribution in the development of CPTED in the Peel Region. In 2001, Wayne received the Public Practice Award from the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, recognizing his outstanding leadership in public practice.

Recently, Wayne opened his own consulting practice under WGN Collaborative, specializing in landscape architecture, urban design and CPTED. In addition, Wayne continues to be a member of the Downsview Park Urban Design Panel in which he provides his expertise on urban design and designing safe communities.