The CPTED Mission

interiorCPTED Ontario was formed in 2001 to promote the understanding and implementation of CPTED principles to create safer communities in Ontario.

Specifically, CPTED Ontario addresses community safety through the identification of crime issues and promotion of CPTED solutions. A “partnering against crime” approach is the key to the organization’s efforts to establish partnerships, communications and co-ordination with the general public and stakeholders, and ownership of community-based CPTED initiatives.

Read our mission statement, and code of ethics here.

cpted-brochureWe now have an informational pamphlet available. When you join CPTED Ontario, you will receive a copy. If you would like a copy, or copies sent to you, please email, tell us how many you need, and the purpose for which you wish to use the pamphlet(s), and we’ll be in touch. Click here to download a PDF document of the Guidelines for the Basic Level, four-day course.