Dorinda Howe is a private consultant and CPTED instructor instructor with the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute, Bureau of Criminal Justice Programs, the Florida Attorney General’s Office, and has provided over 2000 presentations on CPTED and various crime prevention subjects to neighborhood groups, law enforcement and design professionals, business and civic organizations as well as speaking at conferences and workshops.

She was formerly a CPTED specialist and the Neighborhood Watch coordinator for the City of Orlando from 1986 to 2000 where she co-authored the City of Orlando CPTED manual, Your Guide to Creating a Safe Environment and is the immediate Past Chairman and a founding member of the Florida CPTED Network, a statewide professional association of CPTED practitioners. She currently serves as chairman of the Community Service committee for the Greater Orlando Chapter of ASIS International, is a Director for the Central Florida Crime Prevention Association and is a member of the International CPTED Association.

Ms. Howe is certified as a Crime Prevention Practitioner by the State of Florida, Bureau of Criminal Justice Programs, Office of the Attorney General. Ms. Howe received the Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner of the Year Award in 1991 from Florida Attorney General Bob Butterworth.

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